Hi all,

Any recommendation for someone with well-grounded experience in repairing digital pianos?

I have a Yamaha CVP-503 that had an issue with depressed keys and keys randomly playing at full volume.

We approached Yamaha who recommended a service guy down(an old man) some months back who promptly fixed the keyboard, however the keys were still randomly playing at full volume.

It seems he came back another day to fix this took out the motherboard and did some soldering. Apparently he just said that the motherboard had a problem and said that the motherboard needed replacement and that it would cost $500???

At the moment piano boots up fine and everything is working normally, however it has no sound coming out from the speakers after the "repair". I'm thoroughly perplexed at how a piano that was working relatively okay now needs a motherboard replacement.

I wasn't home when the repair happened and so I'm unable to describe what he did in more detail and what transpired.

However, I'd like to get the piano fixed, but I'm sure I don't want to go back to Yamaha to get it done. Would appreciate any recommendation for a solid repair guy.