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Thread: Beginner Electric Guitar Setup

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    Beginner Electric Guitar Setup

    I'm new to guitars and have never played one at all, but keen on picking up the electric guitar now.

    Was wondering what kind of setup should I get with a budget of $500-$600 for everything, guitar, amp, accessories.
    I heard SVguitars sell pretty good beginner electric guitars, any others to recommend?

    Also, what kind of amp setup should I be going for if I want to play through headphones as I don't want anyone to rip their ears out hearing me practice

    I like music from bands like Rise Against, Sum 41, Green day, Good Charlotte, What kind of guitar would be better suited for it? (like HSS, HH, HSH?)

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    Re: Beginner Electric Guitar Setup

    Hi there :-)

    There are some good considerations from the following brands: Jackson/ Aria/ LTD/ Yamaha. Do give them a try while you are out shopping.

    Refer to the following link:
    With this kind of headphones, you can just plug it straight into your guitar, no amps necessary.

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