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Thread: Looking For Male Vocalist For Duet

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    Looking For Male Vocalist For Duet

    Heyy. I am looking for a male vocalist (roughly in 20s) who can harmonise and stay in pitch. For example, in the post-chorus of Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Bradley harmonises in the lower tune, and not the actual melody (melody sang by Lady Gaga). Sorry, I have to explain clearly because I've met some people who can sing, but cannot harmonise, and think that they are actually harmonising. Furthermore, it would be a bonus if you could play the acoustic guitar

    Anyway, I am a female vocalist, acoustic guitarist, and songwriter, in my 20s as well. I do not have a wide vocal range but I can harmonise, and I'm about to attend vocal lessons soon, to improve my singing skills. I am serious about chasing a music career, and I'm hoping to find a male vocalist who's determined as well. Together, we can form a trio or quartet band consisting of 2 singers, an acoustic guitarist (if any singer can't play the acoustic guitar), and a drummer/cajon player. Currently, my partner is a drummer cum producer; I've written and sang on an original song while he produced it:

    Genre wise, mainly English pop music.

    If you are interested in chasing your musical dreams, drop me an email and a video/audio of you harmonising:

    Thanks and cheers!
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