Hi Guys, Most acoustic guitar players (about 90%) love the figured woodgrain of the koa. (About 70%) love the tone/sound of the koa. Those of you who own a Gs mini koa or a more expensive Koa guitar, I have a few questions that I would like to ask you.

1. People say that the koa topwood takes about 5 years to open up. Did you buy the koa guitar more for its looks than its tone? Did you like its tone when it was new? How has its tone change over the years? More bass? High-end chine gone?

2. When did Taylor make the first batch of Gs mini koa guitars? 2012?

3. Is it true that Koa trees grow only above 500 feet or metres above sea level in Hawaii? Is it the same for Taiwanese Koa also?

I own a Gs mini koa that is almost a year old. I like its look and tone even when it was new. I would describe its tone as focused, compressed (softer than Spruce), midrange but with a high-end bell-like chime to it.

Koa guitar owners, please comment and tell us what you think and feel about Koa guitar? Thanks!