We have a rock band. 4 guys in our late 30s. Bass, drums, keys and guitar. 2 filipinos, 2 europeans. Our band is not about race or age, its about people having fun and enjoying to play.
We had a singer and we've done some gigs. No pay, but they were all great.
Hard Rock Cafe, Barber Shop, Crazy Elephant...

The singer returned to europe and we need to find a new voice and identity. We have a couple of our own songs to develop, but its mostly a rock covers band. We want to find someone who is versatile in singing classic rock to top 40, but who enjoys things like Queen or Led Zeppelin. That rock element is our core.

We practice once a week near Bugis, after work. We're chilled and jam for the love of it, but we do enjoy to play live gigs now and then, to keep it fun and without much pressure too. Let me know if you like the spirit of this.
96822259 - Miguel