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Thread: What a Wonderful World ~ 蓝天昱 [SkyStudios]

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    What a Wonderful World ~ 蓝天昱 [SkyStudios]

    hi people,

    it has been more than 20 years since i started playing this song on piano, and i finally decided to do a cover of the Louis Armstrong classic before i kick the bucket...

    In my past 20 years, i have lost some important people & things... always know heaven will open doors when the one behind closes.

    like to dedicate this song to S, and all people who lost something in their life.
    wana say, there is always something beautiful ahead... so keep moving forward ya!

    presenting: What a Wonderful World


    you may also download the clip at


    ps: you may email me at if you wish to collaborate in jazz, soul or rnb related music, busking or gigs.
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    Re: What a Wonderful World ~ 蓝天昱 [SkyStudios]

    Nice rendition

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