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Thread: 黑色幽默 Vivace ~ SkyStudios

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    黑色幽默 Vivace ~ SkyStudios

    hi folks,

    after i posted audio clips of myself singing 黑色幽默 , one nice sweet girl by the name of


    emailed me her plain singing of 黑色幽默 and asked if i could give her some comments.

    Sure, lady...

    Here's how i feel after i layer the keys. audio clip streams at:

    1. You have put in a very sincere and great effort in rendering this difficult song by Jay Chou.

    2. You pitching is close to good, but at some parts, especially high notes, you are slightly off, and you have tried to sing the lower melody lines instead.

    3. some ending notes, the sustain can be longer to make the sentence sound more complete.

    4. you tend to rush the song, meaning you don't have a metronome inside your head.

    5. diction is ok. i am not too fussy on this because Jay Chou sings this way

    6. your spirit in singing is high and your voice texture is pretty good. i like

    7. keep your dreams going and drink eVian water to soothe your throat. Hope to see you in Sing! China 中国好声音 2019.

    do send in more of your demos, Vivace. i should be able to take time to help you touch up with good arrangement.

    email to

    i also welcome other vocalists to email me demos (plain singing) of any mando songs for me to arrange and present on

    S.O.F.T forum

    ^ ^

    ps: it is a coincidence that the voxes i know mostly got into the prelims of Sing! ^ ^
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    Re: 黑色幽默 Vivace ~ SkyStudios

    Male vocalists also welcome

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