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Thread: BodyLanguageTechniques.SG: 3-Step Confidence Technique

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    BodyLanguageTechniques.SG: 3-Step Confidence Technique

    Good morining SOFTies,

    it's 4am right now and i have just finished a recording session in the wee hours of the day.

    as a qualified recording engineer working in one of the studios in SG, i have come across many newbies who want to make it big on stage, but somehow 'lack' the correct body language when they sing, either in studio or on stage.

    today, i will introduce a 3-step technique to help you achieve the best result in showmanship.

    Lesson 1
    1. Stand firm
    2. Look at the audience
    3. Raise your hand

    here's how:

    1. Stand firm
    many young artistes tend to move their feet as they sing. those with some dance background tend to 'figit' a lot as they
    croon. this kind of vascillating movement will only send a signal to the viewers that you put in too much Action in a drama show rather than focus of the singing. just stand firm and sing will do.

    2. Look at the audience
    many singers tend to close their eyes and indulge in day or night dreaming. they imagine they are running alone the Palawan beach in Sentosa chasing after their grandparents' Pioneer Generation Package, or the new Merdeka . This is a wrong way of presenting yourself. You should open your eyes and maintain eye contact with your audience if you are on a stage. In a studio environment, you may close and open your eyes intermittenly so that you see the 'cue' from the recording engineer. I once had a guy called Jacking who daydreamed until i signalled him to stop over 6 times and he still kept mumbling... so please, do look at the engineer.

    3. Raise your hand
    yes, i am referring to hand gestures , which is the key to making people notice you. people who sing with both arms by their sides will project an image once emulated by a 'stubborn' Prime Minister of a certain country some years back (though now he has realized he was wrong and has improved). And raising your hand does not mean you over-exaggerate and anyhow fling your arms like you are catching falling USD which are fiat money the US government can print without the backing of real Gold in the Federal Reserves. Singing must be backed by real charisma which only through training and mindfulness, your showbiz career will be a Success !

    All said, happy recording or live singing. i am now going for a morning coffee at Broadway.


    Devlyn Foo
    recording engineer & body language coach

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    Re: BodyLanguageTechniques.SG: 3-Step Confidence Technique

    Good morining SOFTies,

    I hope lesson 1 has been fruitful for you.

    Today, I shall talk about your dress sense when SINGING on stage.

    Lesson 2 - Dress Sense
    1) Colours
    2) Fabric
    3) Length
    4) Accessories

    Let's take a quick look at these 4 major areas:

    1) Colours
    Pick the correct colour for the occasion. If the event organiser has a theme for the day, please go along with it. Do not wear all black to a happy occasion, neither should you dress in Singapore Red to a Loan Shark's funeral.

    Know the colour spectrum from Red (warm) to Blue (cool)... know that Green is greatly favoured by a particular community .
    Wear the correct colours and half the battle is won.

    do Note that some colours don't match, eg Red and Orange. This is because they are side by side in the colour wheel. good to skip a colour tone , eg Red + Yellow... very China, Chairman Xi will like !

    2) Fabric
    Fabric types:

    There is no distinct right or wrong. But you need to know the following:
    - which fabric are you not allergic to
    - which suits the weather
    - what message are you trying to send? An animal hunter or a shrewd environmentalist?

    go google and do some research yourself... it shouldn't be too tough

    3) Length
    Decide how much you want to cover yourself from head to toe.

    Yes, you ought to know the 'class level' of the event to dress appropriately.
    If you wear a miniskirt to a 5star hotel D&D stage, people might mistake you for a school girl who gatecrashed. Try to wear a full dress, or an evening gown like G.E.M's blue

    If you are at Bugis Junction, don't waste time in full dress. T-shirt and mini or knee would be great.
    for guys, T & jeans will do. some might like a jacket, but's hottie Singapore pore pore...

    As for short or long sleeve, is pretty weather driven.

    covered shoes or sandals, use your common sense.

    4) Accessories
    ah... the best part of today's sharing

    let's examine the options for ladies:

    earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, caps, hats, wristsbands

    first, try at the mirror
    next ask your friends for opinions
    last but not least, look into the mirror again...

    you should be able to add the correct items , just don't over-decorate yourself like a Christmas Tree lah...

    for guys,

    watch, cap, hat, lanyard, ring, necklace, glasses

    I noticed some hiphop brothers like gold chain necklace... well... err....

    that's all peeps...
    hope today's sharing can help you shine on stage.
    Bear in mind, after you put on everything you want for the day, look at the Mirror for the one last time before exiting your loft.

    see ya around! I am going to Burger Prince now for lunch...


    Devlyn Foo
    recording engineer & body language coach

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