I'm making a long term band. A band with ambitions to go far. A band with the heart and soul only for Japanese music. Our style is mainly influenced by ONE OK ROCK and MY FIRST STORY for now. I want to make it far with my guys and hoping to find one more thru here. This band needs a style of our own of course. But for now chasing our Main influence's shadow is our first priority.

I'm the singer and we need a drummer. Want to know more about this project or me as a singer? Feel free to (Call is preferred) contact me/whatsapp @ 9150 6994 I have nothing to hide.

Very high Passion for Japanese style Music or Rock Music
Willing to talk
Able to appear for practice once to twice a week (Come to Rochor)
Sociable (Control your Ego)
Don't mind singing as a backup
Knows Japanese Language (Optional)