Selling a Very Good Condition Apogee Ensemble Firewire can be used as standalone or expansion to add 8 channels Input/Output


SMS 9 Seven 9 zero 4 5 three zero

8 channels of premium 24-bit/192kHz A/D/A conversion
4 75dB-gain microphone preamps
2 fully balanced inserts on mic pre channels
4 Hi-Z instrument inputs capable of handling high level instruments
2 individual, controllable and assignable high level headphone outputs
2, 6 or 8 channel monitor outputs
8 channels of ADAT I/O
FireWire 400 I/O, compatible with OS X Core Audio (no driver required)
2 channels of SPDIF I/O
Soft Limit for maximum digital input level without overs
UV22HR for superior dither of 24-bit resolution down to 16-bit