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    HI Peeps,

    Can anyone advise me where I can buy a harmonica and also it's stand that can use them around the neck?
    As a beginner which key is more appropriate?

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    Re: Harmonica

    See Lian Ent at Fu Lu Shou Complex carries Seydel, Herring, Some Hohner and Golden Cup

    See here:

    Most commonly used key is C, so you may want 1 in C to be in tune with most youtube lessons.
    I find C quite high, i prefer key of A, which in crossharp (2nd pos) = E , Just nice for blues and jam with Guitar which most tune to E
    but i find Bb harps have a sweet sound to : )

    Btw, i am not pro .. just like to dabble.

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    Re: Harmonica

    Thank you for pointing the way. I will go check it out . I didn't know anything about Harmonica until i did some reading to know there are different keys and such.
    I basically would like to play while also playing the guitar and wondering which is a better key to get? I normal sing in D key , so would D key be a better option in this instant?

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    Re: Harmonica

    short simple answer
    Diatonic harp, Key of D if like playing straight forward folk / pop songs ( 1st pos )
    Diatonic harp, key of G if like playing blues ( 1st pos of Key of G = 2nd pos key of D )
    Solo tuned in key of D if you like playing melodies in key of D ( no accidentals unless bent notes )
    Chromatic harp, key of D if you like playing melodies / classical stuff in key of D and need all the accidentals

    Longer answer
    You need to google more : )

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