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Thread: guys, be considerate

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    guys, be considerate

    guys, be considerate

    if you have any conflicts with any other musicians, pls resolve it outside the forum rather than to flame or shame them with screenshots of their vulgarities in this forum. by doing so, you only degraded yourself to their dirty level...

    that is all i wish to advise. be nice and just move on gracefully...



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    Re: guys, be considerate

    You're of course referring to my post in the thread about the amazing, fantastic, super cool doom metal band.

    I don't see anything wrong in what I did, it attracted quite a few laughs and likes when I shared it in other groups.

    The alternative was that I actually sunk to his level and sledged his family and talent. I didn't.

    If he didn't like the fact that what he said was shared, he shouldn't have said it at all.

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    Re: guys, be considerate

    Here's being considerate.

    Yesterday night I got calls from private numbers and bombarded by more messages. Here it is for posterity's sake.

    I think the guy is delusional. Makes up stories about being signed to a label and stuff. Little kid stuff.

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