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    Abusive user

    EDIT: Never mind, will sort this out myself.
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    Re: Abusive user

    This is a warning to anyone considering playing with this musician, Antonio Lee (goes by the handle doomstone on the forums).

    I had contacted the user to try out for his band. We had played once three years ago and it didn't work out, but I thought I could give it another shot.

    When I had learnt their songs, I asked for a time and date for a jam and said I would try to be available.

    This got me a rant on whatsapp from the user's sister about how they were working and how I "owed them", followed by expletives.

    I politely said I didn't want to play in their band, which got me more abuse and then I blocked the number on whatsapp.

    Yesterday, I started getting abusive text messages from the user, which I blocked as well.

    Then, this morning, I checked into soft and found that he had sent abusive and racist messages by soft pm as well.

    And the messages don't stop, he keeps messaging.

    Find it ridiculous and a bit alarming. What if this guy is some kind of psychopath who'll try to track me down or something?

    I have heard a similar story from a friend of mine about this same guy, who would call up and just scream something over the phone. I think my friend even contacted the police, but I don't want to go through all that hassle.

    It's funny, and a bit pathetic. Guy should get a life and not be racist.

    Here are some of the messages he sent me, which I did not consider responding to.

    Consider this a warning, Antonio. Keep this up, not only will no one want to play with you, I'm going to go to the cops with these messages and complain.

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    Re: Abusive user

    Yesterday night I got calls from private numbers and bombarded by more messages. Here it is for posterity's sake.

    Kindly note that the band claims to be signed to some label, but take that with a pinch of salt. You won't see any money from it, I guarantee it.

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