Hey people of soft. I'm a 24yo drummer looking for a band to play in. Had a few experience playing in a gigs in the local scene with my previous band up till recently.

I'm NOT looking for a hobby band.

I'm looking for a dedicated band that's planning to go far (release EPs, gigging, MVs etc).
Not necessarily super skilled musically but committed and of course, a friendly bunch

Also, im looking for a pop rock/punk band.
Paramore, Bmth, Oln, 5sos, A day to remember, Sws, With confidence,Tssf, The vamps, Neck deep.
Open to other genres like indie and alternative. Not reggae, jazz or anything too heavy either.

I do have some older videos of my playing as well as my previous single too.

Drop me a PM or whatsapp me at 98three947six4