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Thread: Mesa Boogie F30 amplifier (Price reduced)

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    Mesa Boogie F30 amplifier (Price reduced)

    Up for sale is my beloved Mesa Boogie F30 amp. Purchased this amp in the US and is in its original condition/parts. The amp has always been nested in my home and never used out on a gig. Extremely versatile and dependable amp. The sound this amp produces is simply amazing. The cleans are heavenly and crisp and even at low volume tone is really clear. Even with the gain really high up on the first channel, you can still hear the clarity of the tone coming out of the guitar. Channel 2 (Dirt) is where this amp really soars. At gain set to 7/8 o’clock you can get a mild overdriven sound similar to a pushed fender blackface amp and at 11/12 o clock the amp switches to high gain. Each channel has its own set of tone controls, gain, volume, and reverb which can get beautiful echo-like sounds when pushed.

    Using the foot-switch takes the amp to a whole different level. Not only can you switch channels but theres also a switch to turn on and off the reverb and a contour switch that pushes the amp to a more cut through lead tone. The amp is just so good to use with the foot-switch activated.

    Other features of the amp are send and return loop, an FX blend to balance the sound of the amp and the effects routed on the send/return loop, and a stereo/mono out that can be used with headphones or recording. The amp still uses the original tubes and speaker. Celestion G12 Vintage 30’s is beautiful all through out the spectrum - Highs are never too sharp and the bass never muddy. Amp also comes with a dust cover.

    The amp is 110V but we installed a power converter beside the speaker that matches the necessary power needed so it can be plugged on a 220V outlet. This is always the best solution to amps that run with a different voltage as replacing the power supply will change the sound. What’s cool is that if you do need to run the amp on a 110V outlet, you can easily unplug the outlet from the transformer installed in the amp. The transformer installed is made in Spain.

    Really sad to see this go as its probably my favourite amp (and the amp I aspired for when i was in school). Its in amazing condition, used sparingly, and have never broken down or showed any signs of fatigue. I’m selling the amp for $1,000. Self collect only.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Mesa Boogie amp specs:
    Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
    30 Watts of Patented Dyna-Watt™ Power / 2xEL84, 4x12AX7
    Fixed Bias for Consistent, Maintenance Free Performance
    2 Fully Independent Channels, 3 Footswitchable Sounds (Channel 1, 2 & 2 w/Contour)
    Independent Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb & Master Controls per Channel
    Pull Bright (Channel 1) Contour Switch (Channel 2)
    Long Tank Spring Reverb
    Parallel FX Loop w/Mix Control
    Record / Headphone Output
    Silent Record Mute Switch
    3 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2, Reverb & Contour)
    Slip Cover
    Short Chassis Head (Width 18-3/4 inches)
    1x12 Combo • V30 Speaker

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    Re: Mesa Boogie F30 amplifier (Price reduced)

    Forgot to attach my contact number.
    send a PM at 91524043


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    Re: Mesa Boogie F30 amplifier (Price reduced)

    Price reduced to $950! buy it now!

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    Re: Mesa Boogie F30 amplifier (Price reduced)

    Sold! Thank you!

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