I am a electric guitar player with decent years of experience(total of 10 years of playing with only 5-6 years of hard commitment).

Planning to form an pop/jazz/rnb band. Can also be part instrumental.

Already have a vocalist on board.

Looking for band members =>bassist,percussionist,keyboardist maybe also violinist or saxophonist will be a very nice addition.

No need to be extremely skilled or talented. Average is good enough. Also people that are willing to commit their time and effort into the band.
As for song interest any genre is fine except stuff that are considered too metal. Having a more modern taste in music will be a huge + since this is the direction the band plans to head into.

The genre that we are planning to work on jpop/jrock/korean-rnb/ballad/soul/jazz/mandopop/englishpop

Starting off with casual band practices followed by future gigs and performances.

Anyone with a strong passion and believes hard work will lead to success will eventually get there.And lets not forget working hard =/= working smart.

Contact me @ whatsapp : 90607163