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Thread: WTS: THD Univalve Head (Highly recommended by Lyle Caldwell)

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    WTS: THD Univalve Head (Highly recommended by Lyle Caldwell)

    Do u remember the riff in "I believe in a thing called love" by The Darkness?
    Yes that was recorded with the THD Univalve. Actually it is said that all of the guitar sounds on "Permission to Land" by the Darkness was the THD Univalve except one solo

    This amp has amazing tones that you can only get with a Class A amp. You could roll in different tubes without any need for biasing. 6L6, EL34, 6V6, 6K6 etc.. the possibility is endless.

    Lyle caldwell, a sonic engineer, thinks its one of the best buys for commercial amps and the build is amazing for such an amp. 100% made in USA. The Transformers and all are heavy and well designed.
    GUITARIST GOLD Award (one of the first product to be given this award!)
    "We’re convinced that the UniValve is nothing less than a masterpiece. With its ability to use a number of different valves without rebiasing, not to mention the recording-friendly Hotplate feature, the versatility and range of tones is surprising. Almost everything we plugged into after using it sounded flat and one-dimensional by comparison. One of these amps and a handful of valves can deliver so much tone, you might think twice about that space-age digital modeller after all. Nothing good is ever cheap. If you mention the phrase American handbuilt boutique amp most people start to think of implausibly high prices, so
    to find out this superlative tone machine costs under 900 is almost too good to be true. Under our new ratings
    system a five star verdict demands something very, very special indeed – and the UniValve delivers it all, and then some. One of the best amps ever? You’d better believe it."

    Asking $900
    Sms Nine 7 eight I eight 8 zero O
    Or looking for trades with THD Bivalve or THD Flexi 50
    I'm selling as i have 2 of these univalves and i'm a huge fan of THD.

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