Hey guys! SoundWise Music Productions is a new music production team in Singapore, with a dedicated drums recording room (Yamaha drum kit provided) and a separate mixing/mastering room.

We can record any instrument using professional methods. We can capture your performance at it best so that you can mix it yourself, or we can mix and master your songs and make you shine. Donít just take our word for it, do check our samples below.

Check out our new drum recording techniques, and hear the difference between what our special processing makes!
https://youtu.be/sb60T1kQ7OQ - Raw Recordings
https://youtu.be/4jipZ9NtLvM - SoundWise Processed

And be sure to check out our pre mixed soundcloud!

Our prices start at $70/hour. Please contact us for more information on availability, services or pricing, weíd be delighted to help! Kindly whatsapp Jon at 94877874 or Jean-Marc at 93887872

Cheers guys!