Bozzworks Drum Studio-

To start off with, I am not affiliated with Bozzworks Studios at all, but I thought other drummers out there might be interested in hearing about this studio. I have rented a room from them for the past year, so I do have experience working with them, but that's it.

First off, this is the ONLY drum studio that I know of in Singapore where you can rent a room and leave your drums set up for the entire month. I have a drum kit set up there, and I can use it any time I want. (No one else has access to my room.) I can't speak highly enough about this option. It is hard enough to drum in Singapore, but to always have to use someone else's kit/cymbals sucks when trying to develop technique and feel.

All of the rooms are sound proofed and have air con on at all times. They also have rooms with drums/cymbals set up and ready to play on, which you can rent by the hour. The rooms are clean and the kits are functional.

The place has a cool atmosphere with drummers coming and going all the time, which leads to lots of "drum talk". Because of the large number of drummers there, the opportunity to meet other drummers is very high. In addition, there is a guitar studio right across the way, so there is also the opportunity to meet other musicians.

Everyone at Bozzworks has been friendly and supportive. They also have drum instructors working there, if you are interested in taking lessons. The owner is a friendly, honest guy who is really easy to work with. And lastly, the studio is located at the Peace Center - right by Plaza Sing - so it is easy to get to by public transport.