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Thread: Looking for band members

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    Looking for band members


    I'm looking for people to start a band with me. Need a drummer and bassist. Would be nice to also have another guitarist. But 3 is fine.

    Just some tracks I've recorded.
    They're like 3 years old, sort of like a "draft". There's going to be shit loads of wrong notes, bare with them.

    I'm tired of playing alone with a looper.

    If you're into alternative rock, like nirvana, RHCP, Pixies, arctic monkeys, rage against the machine, or whatever...... I think we're on the same page. The list goes on and on if I would like to name them all.

    My number is ninetwonineseventhreeonetwothree

    So whoever's interested can drop me a text or something, or if you just want to criticize my recordings. It's a free country.

    I can sing a little, but I'm no Freddie Mercury.

    If you're looking to start something with me, we could work something out. I've got shit load of uncompiled materials (some of which uploaded in my soundcloud), so I might wanna work on that with real people.

    Good day ladies and gentlemen, good day.
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    Re: Looking for band members

    Hi, i would like to join as 2nd guitarist if you manage to find a rhythm section. originally from Australia , 48 y.o.

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    Re: Looking for band members

    Hi, feel free to drop me a text.
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