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Thread: Lousy Chan

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    Lousy Chan

    Fridae to you SIngapore!

    listen to my new song LOUSY CHAN

    Cao Qibai
    Singlish Songwriter
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    Re: Lousy Chan

    are you that '50 yo can a not' idiot?

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    Re: Lousy Chan

    [Lousy Chan] cs words by Cao QiBai

    At 4pm he drinks HIGH TEA
    The BUFFET comes , he eat & eat
    But suddenly his STOMACH pain…
    So rush to toilet and “Sa Man Di” (sh*tted all over the floor)
    Raise his hand(Kee-Chiu) and back to table
    See the cakes are scattered all over
    Tells himself this cannot be?!
    How HE HIGH , no one can see

    Cao Qibai
    Singlish Songwriter

    p/s: my Singlish is fool of grammar & vocab mistakes...pls forgive mi because i flung my PSLE English and now i sell handphone in Geylang
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    Re: Lousy Chan

    Some note on Lousy Chan:

    Actually when i first try to write this stupid song, my first idea was

    Lousy Lee

    but because i feel some pioneer Lee is not that lousy, that's why i decided not to go ahead.

    so i turn to the next lousy, that is Chan.

    after Chan is

    Lousy Gan

    Cao Qibai
    Singlish Songwriter

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