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Drum Off 2018 is the ultimate drumming competition that gives drummers an opportunity to showcase their skills, and to use as a platform to advance their career further.

This competition is open to the world and we welcome both new and established drummers to participate.

This will be an engaging platform for contestants to interact with other drummers from all over the world. It also encourage drummers to get their creative juices flowing by exposing them to more drumming techniques, and to take on new ideas and turn it into a style of their own.

Who's Eligible?

Drum Off 2018 is open to drummers of all races, nationalities and genders.

Contestants are only allowed to participate in ONE category of their choice.

This contest is for Qualified Amateurs. A “Qualified Amateur” is defined as one who does not earn more than $42,000 gross income per year as a professional performing musician, based on the previous tax year.

How To Register:

Contestants can take part in either ONE of the following ways:

1. Live Auditions

2. YouTube Auditions (Limited to Contestants outside of Singapore)

Registration Start:

28 February 2018 (Wednesday)

Registration End:

Live Auditions: 15 May 2018 (Tuesday)

YouTube Auditions: 29 May 2018 (Tuesday)