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Thread: Original Song -【再见了,爱 Goodbye, Love] Music Video

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    Original Song -【再见了,爱 Goodbye, Love] Music Video

    It's our very first MV and Original music! The number of hours we've put into it. We are like everyone who takes Music as an interest, but we want to prove to ourselves on what we can do. We hold no music or filming knowledge. Hence the music or video can sound/look weird to some of you. But to us, we have achieved what ourselves deem impossible. We came out from our comfort zone, try different things, and with some help, we pulled through!

    Looking for more collaboration in the future thou!! PM if interested!!

    Music Video:

    Facebook page
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    Re: Original Song -【再见了,爱 Goodbye, Love] Music Video

    After watching the entire video, it is pretty obvious your melody and arrangement is heavily influenced by Jay Chou, and your lyrics idea is from JJ Lin.

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