We are looking for a drummer and guitarist, lead or rythm for a new band. About us, myself a former frontman of “Lyssa’s requiem” and one more guy is a former bassist for a band called “Step aside”. If you been in scene long enough you or been in the scene before than you should know us. You can check us out on youtube we have our songs there. Our band RIP long time ago but now we are back to play genre like djent, melodic hardcore . Influence bands like more than life, heart in hand, for the fallen dreams, counterparts, hundreth, capsize. We will be doing originals. Recording, music videos and EP’s album. About us is simple, we play we create we have fun we express ourselves in our music. Poetic lyrics, with the drums and melodics and stuffs. We play as one for all. And of course if we can go far we will go. Let me know if youre interested. My number 84981189