Selling my beloved Ceriatone 18W tube amp for $1,400 due to being underused. Full point-to-point hand-wiring along with a Goose-installed PPIMV mod that makes this amp VERY room-friendly. Speaker is a WGS ET65, a solid upgrade over the stock Greenback-style drivers that tend to accompany these amps.

Amp has two channels - the stock 1974X channel with just a volume and tone control, and a TMB channel with a dedicated three-band EQ. What makes this app unique is a custom mod ordered by the previous owner (also installed by Goose) that uses a switch to throw in a couple of diodes to bump up the gain slightly, bringing the overall tone into more JCM 800-ish territory.

Tube complement is standard for the circuit - 3 12AX7s, 2 EL84s and an EZ81 rectifier for that classic tube sag. Tone is warm and chewy, as you'd expect of an authentic Marshall. Goes well with both humbucker and single coil-equipped guitars, and is extremely pedal-friendly.

You won't get a better price elsewhere for an amp of this calibre. No trades as this is STRICTLY a cash sale. Feel free to send in any questions that you might have to 9070 9160!