I have a year old (actually less than a year old) 20" Istanbul Agop Sultan Crash, which weighs approximately 1720 grams. I bought it last June in the U.S. and brought it back to Singapore. The cymbal is actually rare, as Istanbul Agop does not make many of these any more, which is a shame because it sounds fantastic. The cymbal is dark, warm, and complex, because it is on the thinner side, but it also is powerful and full sounding. This is just a great all-around cymbal. I have the 22" model, which is what I will be using as a main crash, so I'm selling this one.

This cymbal cost me over $510 sgd last June. Selling it for $375 firm.

It sounds VERY similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT5rjXMxCxc

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