My band is looking for a vocalist for our project. We play thrash/death metal and are in the process of writing songs.

We are doing three covers:
1) Zombie Ritual - Death
2) Whiplash - Metallica
3) Black Magic - Slayer

We're looking for someone who's a capable frontman as well as a good singer. We also need a guy who can come on time for jams and is professional about being in a band.

We're all in this together. Don't waste our time, we aren't going to waste yours.

We're all old dudes in the band, two of the guys are married and have kids, so keep that in mind.

At the same time, age no bar, gender no bar, race no bar, caste no bar, creed no bar, colour no bar, we're musicians and that's it. Yes, we like going to a lot of bars too.

Call me at eight 1 three 2 three 6 6 nine to set up a no-commitment audition.