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Thread: *SALE* Genelec 8020C Studio Monitors

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    *SALE* Genelec 8020C Studio Monitors

    The famous Genelec 8020C studio monitor. $900 for the pair. Small in size and fits on most desks while retaining astounding sound quality. Can go up to very loud without distorting. This set is used in low volumes at home only. Can come and test and hear its amazing clarity for yourself Set is around 2 years old. Mint condition, no dings no nicks no scratches. No issues at all. No more warranty. Retails for $1.2k, get a mint set at 25% off. Comes with boxes and full accessories. Contact 9232124O for more info.

    The Genelec 8020C is small in dimensions, but big in ambition. Designed to suit the broadest possible range of listening environments, it thrives when space is at a premium, and draws on the innovation of the 8000 Series for an unrivalled near-field experience.

    Trust in the colour-free, accurate reproduction of the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE), while relying on the precise on- and off-axis frequency reproduction of the Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW). And when youre finished, Genelec Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) circuitry detects when your system is no longer in use, placing it into an environmentally friendly, power-saving standby mode. From post-production studios to OB vans and DAW-based rooms, the 8020C is your near-field solution of choice.
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    Re: *SALE* Genelec 8020C Studio Monitors

    Great Monitors!

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    Re: *SALE* Genelec 8020C Studio Monitors

    Price drop $850 this weekend

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