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Thread: WTS: Xaviere Jazzmaster with P90-style Alnico Pickups $345

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    WTS: Xaviere Jazzmaster with P90-style Alnico Pickups $345

    Great sounding Jazzmaster. Reluctantly selling it off to fund a new guitar cos it doesn't play well with my new amp. You're welcome to come try it and have a chat if you're interested. The pickups are really something. I'm sure you'll love it.

    Going for $345. Costs ~SG$500 new (including shipping). They don't ship to Singapore anymore so I can't link you, sorry.

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    The neck is thicc so if you're used to holding things with little girth, then I can't help you; you're gonna have to look elsewhere. Maybe buy a ukulele or smth.

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    There are some cosmetic problems (or relic-ing as some other wankers call it) with the guitar from when I got it new. Nothing that affects playability/tone. I'll show you the email chain with photos from when I first received it if you're interested, just to prove that it wasn't abused or dropped.

    The problems are:
    - small ding in the finish on the body (~2mm)

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    - a chunk of missing finish at the tip of the headstock

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    Re: WTS: Xaviere Jazzmaster with P90-style Alnico Pickups $345

    More photos:

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