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Thread: Drummer needed for Angular Rock/Math (Foals/Alt-J)

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    Drummer needed for Angular Rock/Math (Foals/Alt-J)

    Hi guys! We're a new band looking to play angular rock with elements of math rock interspersed. A lot of emphasis on groove, and short bursts of math. High commitment project with weekly jams to songwrite, hopefully secure shows this year and aim for a release next year.

    Main influences on the angular side:
    Salt Cathedral / il abanico
    Minus the Bear

    Math is too diverse to list! Tangled Hair, Toe, Totorro, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Pretend, Lite, TTNG, 3nd, etc....

    As a drummer, we need you to be able to lock us in with a strong sense of pulse, and have a flair for mixing things up in your phrasing. And when we do math, let loose and we'll do interesting time signatures, polyrhythm, metric modulation, and all that pizzazz.

    We are in the midst of talking up with bassists and a slot for another guitarist. Confirmed would be me (guitars/synth/backing vocals), Leena (keys), Christine (vocals).

    Some older threads if you want more info:

    If this is your jam or you're curious, hit me up at 90113112. It's best to have clips we can refer to and we can share some tunes we have that we may or may not scrap pending on direction!
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