Hey people,

I'm Darrel, 22 and i'm looking for a female vocalist to practice some duets and do some covers if you want to!

It will be great if you can guide me along as well, because I feel that I'm not that good of a singer but I did auditioned for a few competitions and did some covers before. So maybe we can practice together thru karaoke sessions HAHA.

I'm okay with singing Chinese songs, especially those old school hits that gives you goosebumps HAHA and some new Chinese songs but this time round I wanna do more English song covers, cause y'know RACIAL HARMONY HAHA.

My end goal for this is to probably record some covers in a studio or original content if we make it far enough. So if you're interested to hear my sexay (not) voice, you can hmu at 83664498 or slide into my dm @darrelkicksass!

I'll see ya around KAMSAHAMNIDA!