(I've decided to relist this)
I'm selling an Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MK II, with a +Drive installed. Its a 6 track digital synthesizer with multiple synth engines and the famous Elektron sequencer. You also have 6 MIDI tracks, so you can sequence external gear with it, and make use of the sequencer's powerful parameter locks, arpeggiator, etc.
A renowned synth, used heavily by Autechre in their early days.
It's no longer in production, making these quite hard to come by.

This unit is in excellent condition. Aside from scratches at the bottom, the unit looks like new. Comes with user manual, power adaptor, box.
The warranty is still valid, and expires around June 2019. I will forward the e-receipt to you via email, and deregister it from my Elektron account.

Selling at SGD900. Prices on Reverb start at 900usd, and on ebay go up to over 1000usd, so this is a pretty good price.
SMS/Whatsapp 9-23-0-1007 if you're interested, thanks!
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