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Thread: Recommendations: for wallet-friendly, decent sounding guitar

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    Recommendations: for wallet-friendly, decent sounding guitar

    Hey fellow practising guitarists!

    It's my very first time posting on any forums at all, so do pardon me if I make any rookie mistakes. It has been my wish to be able to play the guitar and learn so from scratch, though I've only decided to do so now because I feel that time permits me.

    So with that, I would like to get a guitar that is both friendly to my wallet (I'm quite broke so money is a huge concern) yet sounds decently good. After researching on youtube and blogs for reviews, I have narrowed down to these 2 choices: Yamaha F310 and Cort Earth OP.

    May I seek your opinions on which one would be the better choice? And if you feel that there's an even better option besides the 2 mentioned, I would love to hear your recommendations! :)

    (PS: I'm an absolute guitar noob, meaning I have little to even zero knowledge about playing or the general features of an acoustic guitar etc. So any help would be greatly appreciated!)
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    Re: Recommendations: for wallet-friendly, decent sounding guitar

    Have u ever considered custom acoustic guitars?

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    Re: Recommendations: for wallet-friendly, decent sounding guitar

    Hi! What do you mean by wallet-friendly?
    Personally I own a Cort L100C and a Yamaha 310 TBS (among several others that i own/used to. BTW, I'm looking to let them go). So I guess one thing you can consider is the price range since that seems to be your biggest concern(?) If you're starting out, then my personal opinion would be to buy a decent guitar that will last, but I wouldn't spend too much as of now (there are many opinions and threads about this). With that said, I think your two options are pretty decent, with the Yamaha bearing a lower cost on your wallet (assuming retail price). So if cost is your only concern, IMO the Yamaha is a good guitar to start with, especially because the setup and strings on mine make it feel really nice to play haha

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