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Thread: Mix Practise: "4 on the 10" by "Ripe"

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    Mix Practise: "4 on the 10" by "Ripe"

    Mixed file :
    S1 file :

    The song is really nice and the band played it well. I am very new to Presonus Studio One and had quite some difficulty getting the correct sound for the guitar duet part. I know the sound I want but just couldn't adjust the plug-in correctly. Any recommendation on getting a nice guitar lead tone?

    You can download the stems and watch the live recording video ->

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    Re: Mix Practise: "4 on the 10" by "Ripe"

    I also mixed this song a few months ago. I think your mix is good: you went for brightness and focus while I went for warmth and analog vibes, it is interesting to hear two different views of the same song. Here's my mix:

    A nice guitar tone isn't made at mixing stage, either it is good when recording and you can make it great when mixing, or it is average when recording and there is no way to make it great later. In this case I think the raw tracks are great. In my opinion the bright approach you chose doesn't suit the guitars ideally as it makes them a little thin and remove some of their original fullness. Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Mix Practise: "4 on the 10" by "Ripe"

    Thanks for sharing your mix! It sounds more live and heavier!

    I listened to their "official mix" and was quite surprised that the guitar sounded muted too. I wished the band had designed the guitar tone to be more 'lead' like..

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