By Farid Long

The artiste formally known as Peter Hoflich (who now goes under his moniker HoFLICH) continues his solo experimental work and perhaps branding change with two excellent new singles:

HoFLICH who is better known as the wild, hard rocking front man of metal band Meglomania concocts this gem of ballad Dirnig. The theme centers on uncertainty in our everyday lives. The lyrics are in effect poetry set to music. Lyrical jewelry “Will we walk the line like Johnny Cash did, or will we simply wait in line?” and “Drenched in the sweat of our mutual boredom, we have licensed the deaths of our spirits” is a delight. The arrangement is suitably stripped down with just HoFLICH’S voice, acoustic and Hammond organ for atmospheric effect laying down the sonic landscape. The melancholy delivery is perfectly paced such that we are able to reflect on his every poignant line.

Omniscient is about the current status of the world and rat race we currently live. The song begins perhaps an appropriate recorder MRT message telling commuters not to rush for the train but to wait for the next. OMNISCIENT IS Up-tempo and driving, the tune features HoFLICH’s excellent quick fire vocal delivery of multiple potentially tongue twisting lyrics and writing. He speaks of being made a meal of Soylent Green (look that movie up online) with mental masturbation. The track features some nifty slide guitar work and rock and roll vibe especially the rhyme styling switch in the chorus.

Check out the accompanying music videos here:

I highly recommend listening and viewing of both of this thinking man’s rocker singles.