Hi all,

We are a four piece line up working on some Rock and Roll original and covers, and we are looking for a little bit of help on building that sweet wall of sound. We are all experienced people when it comes to gigging and playing in the studios. We play a lot of rock covers from U2, The Smiths, Pretenders, Oasis, Beatles, Stones, Coldplay, all the way to Harry Styles and Wolf Alice too. Our own tracks feature a hint of style from most of these as well.

We are looking for someone to add magic to our rhythm sections , and its super if you are able to play multiple instruments, or help in backing vocals. If you think you like to write some music, then you should consider working with us too.

We dont have much demos of us as a band as yet. But If you are interested, here is my English/Hindi solo album for some reference :


There are other tracks on my soundcloud page as well.
Last, We like to keep the vibe easy and happy. Hope this works for you too!

please reach out here if you're keen : +65 98509405

Cheers and Love