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Thread: Recommendations for quiet home setup

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    Recommendations for quiet home setup

    Hi all,

    I am relatively new to guitar. Previously, bought guitars before but never really committed. I have stuck with acoustic for quite awhile now and am finally ready to commit to an electric, which I have bought to play and learn via rocksmith just for the fun. But I'd also want to do things outside of rocksmith and hence I'll be needing a quiet setup for home use. I can't really use an amp at home, so I'll have to stick with headphones as I usually play at night.

    I had more or less narrowed down my options and hope to hear some feedback from more experienced players.

    1) Yamaha Thr10x
    2) Pod HD500x
    3) Zoom g3xn/g5

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Re: Recommendations for quiet home setup

    I’d go with the G5n as you’ve got effects at your disposal and you can play along to your favourite tracks via the 3.5mm Aux-in Jack. The G3xn is way “too small” when you use the drum machine and looper as these two “rhythm” items take up space along the signal chain. You ought to have a huge range of effects with the G5n to experiment and have fun with. Both are DC powered via the PSU supplied.
    The Yamaha is not a bad thing but as you’re using it “silently”, might as well get the effects unit.

    Best wishes...
    FYI, hope that helps.
    Everyone finds their own "sound" someday...

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    Re: Recommendations for quiet home setup

    Zoom g3n. It has amp simulation along with cabs. Input for backing tracks. Effects to try out. Plus if u have a audio interface, u can hook it up to your comp

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