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Thread: Drummer looking for people to jam with

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    Drummer looking for people to jam with

    hey everyone -

    i'm an intermediate level drummer (been playing for 1.5 years now), and recently moved to Singapore. Looking for some folks to jam with over the weekends or after work. If anyone is interested message me - 9178 3386.

    i like several genres of music - current favorites are britpop (james, pulp, stone roses), 90s alternative, and 70s rock.


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    Re: Drummer looking for people to jam with

    Hey, I'm a guitarist, been playing about 20 years (36 now) and keen to jam with a drummer on a similar basis to yourself. It sounds like we've got exactly the same taste in music - particularly 're the stone roses and Britpop. I'm from the UK and have been living here in Singapore about a year. Let me know if you fancy meeting up for a jam one day. Cheers, Iain 96862968

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