Bedroom bassist in his 30s looking to jam on the regular.

Have played in different bands and at various gigs.

Influences include:

Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Muse/Of Monsters And Men/No Doubt/Incubus/Interpol/Radiohead/Nirvana/ etcÂ…

Into various genres of music:

indie/alternative/rock/metal/top40s/ etc...

Wouldn't mind exploring genres but if you're especially playing stuff like White Lies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Interpol, Alpine, Incubus, Of Monsters And Men, Muse, The Budos Band or any mix of these, please, please text me, I'd LOVE to jam with you.

At the moment, I would really like to try out stuff from Incubus, Muse or RHCP. So if any of you bands jam to anyone or all 3 of these bands, PLEASE text me, I'd definitely would love to jam to these tunes!

Available for auditions/ try-outs @ 9669 3151 (Whatsapp/SMS)