Selling my Maxon OD808 at 140SGD

The Maxon OD808 Overdrive is made by the same Japanese company which crafted the original Ibanez Tubescreamer that's been obsessed over by guitarists for the past 30 years. It uses the identical circuit found in the original employing the same JRC4558 IC chip for smooth, natural overdrive similar to a cranked-up tube amp. The OD808 pedal responds to the picking dynamics and nuances of your individual style while also letting the true tone of your instrument shine through.

Sharing the same circuit as the revered Ibanez TS10 (think John Mayer) pedal, the maxon OD808 is by far my favourite variant of the tubescreamer circuit, even among classics like the TS808, TS9 and the Rockbox Boiling Point.

Excellent condition, comes with original box, manuals and everything that came with it.

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