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    WTS: Skreddy Echo

    Selling Skreddy Echo for 280SGD

    Fantastic delay pedal. Skreddy makes the finest pedals in the world and the echo is no exception. A new one will set you close to 400SGD, excluding the hefty 125usd shipping and waiting time!

    The Skreddy Echo offers up lush, tape-like delays that are saturated with adjustable "warble" to give an audio illusion of an old tape echo machine.

    Sounds equally great clean or with overdrive, distortion, or fuzz in front Effects loop allows delay-only processing or "wet" amp stereo setup featuring trails when the normal output is in bypass

    Huge range, including slap-back, atmospheric, cathedral/stadium, self-accompanying rhythms, expansive delays, self-oscillation, vibrato-chorus-detuned effects, etc.

    True bypass, runs on DC adapter only (not included), in/out/dc jacks all on back side, loop jacks on left side.

    Contact 9663 6722
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