Singapore Kon live concert is coming soon!

Established as Singapore K'on Group, we are the Japanese music revolutionaries.

Experience live the music evolution of your favourite Japanese and English anthems as we sail across the Pop, Rock, Funk, Electronic and Animusic seas.

Music, food and booze have never had a better union.

Welcome abroad our K'on ark.
22/10 Hood Bar
Let's Rock.

This event is ENTRY FREE!
(Beer 1 for 1 until 20:00!)
Please feel free to come with your friends and family!

Date: 22 Oct (Sun)
Time: 16:00-21:00
Venue: Hood Bar @Bugis+ 5F

15:30 16:00 Doors Open
16:00 16:30 Grace and the uncles (English pops)
16:30 17:05 Linkin Band (Linkin Park)
17:05 17:40 Nanae 100% (Tentative)(Chatmonchy/SHAKALABBITS)
17:40 18:10 Anisong Band (Anime songs)
18:10 18:45 FIIT (Rock & Soul)
18:45 19:15 Japanese Metal Fantasy (Japanese Metal)
19:15 19:50 Nazo no Band (Black music, Fusion)
19:50 20:25 Team Radiohead (Radiohead)
20:25 21:00 KO-TE-CHI (Funk, Soul)