Hey guys,

I have been playing bass for over 10 years and decided to pick up some electric guitar skills, and hence trying to find a good bang for buck guitar to be my first purchase. As the Les Paul shape has been calling out to my inner soul, I have been searching for a beginner/intermediate guitar to hone my skills. Budget is around S$500.

From my research, I have noted the following that have caught my attention:

Epiphone Les Paul Standard: $559 from Sweelee

Swing C-1: $360 from SVGuitar

Rally GL-300: $450 from SVguitar

Concerns: There were many rave reviews on Epiphone Standard as it is rather established, and also the fact that it is under Gibson, but less was heard about Swing (Korean brand) and Rally (no idea). The only review on Rally was that it is rather bulky and heavy, which is a bane as I may need to play it for 30 mins straight or more at one go.

Are veterans out there that has tried and compared these few guitars before? Looking at the specs wise between Epiphone and Swing, there isnt really much of a difference except the pick-up used.

Thank you very much for your kind attention