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Thread: Self - Introduction : Arissa

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    Self - Introduction : Arissa

    Hi Forum Users

    I've been searching high and low to start of a band for some time now.
    Unfortunately, there isn't any luck in assembling one.
    I am twenty years of age, currently working.

    During my free time, I do vocal covers. Mostly from the genre of alt. rock to pop punk bands which my vocals range are suitable under those category as mentioned.
    Also, I drop by to gigs supporting local and international bands.

    There is a whole list of bands I listen to. Most of the influence and genre comes from - Metal/Heavy Metal/Nu-Metal/Trash Metal/Deathcore/Grindcore/Alternative Rock and Pop Punk. Idol and inspiration - There is a few I look up to. But as a follower and a die hard fan religiously, more of it comes from Hayley Williams of Paramore since 2007 to present.

    Expectation in a Band:

    1. Respect and Attitude - Open to share any ideas/initiative/experimenting in different sound/genre.
    That when you progress further, understanding your roots and individual characters when creating music.
    This leads to show your capabilities. Which you'll grow and deal with any experience in the future.

    2. I look to upon enthusiasm, passion and progression. Focusing more on the positive.
    Disregard any negativity that will eventually affect the band mentally or emotionally.

    3. Which leads to a certain understanding and communication.
    Without it, there's a failure to understand the individual/any difficult situation which leads to no direction to where you're heading to.

    4. Balance and Discipline - In time management with work/family

    If you're looking for a vocalist, do let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: Self - Introduction : Arissa

    Looking For Like Minded Musicans
    Whatsapp 86173687


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    Re: Self - Introduction : Arissa


    Where are you located? Just started working here in Singapore last january, and I wonder if do you guys have rehearsal studios here in your country? or you just do jamming in your houses? Your soundcloud profile sounds interesting. \m/

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    Re: Self - Introduction : Arissa

    Hey Arissa, you still looking for a band?

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    Re: Self - Introduction : Arissa

    Hey Arissa, dropped you a PM. We have similar expectations as listed in the post. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Re: Self - Introduction : Arissa

    hi to all here! newbie here as well

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    Re: Self - Introduction : Arissa

    Hi there, we're a 4 piece band looking for a vocalist

    this is a demo we have

    Contact us at 85245085
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