Hi Forum Users

I've been into the scene in supporting local and international bands for sometime now whenever i'm free to drop by.

Music wise, I have been trying to search high and low and even getting close friends to start of a band since the time I was in secondary school. Unfortunately, there is still no response or any luck in assembling one. I am twenty years of age now.

The great genre of bands I'm influence are mostly from, Metal/Heavy Metal/Nu-Metal/Trash Metal/Deathcore/Grindcore/Alternative Rock and Pop Punk.

Instruments - To start of and being frank, put it short I'm just a beginner in guitar and just mingling around with bass. That's when it comes to, my time and investment I enjoy are from vocals doing short covers. Mostly from the genre of alt. rock to pop punk bands as my vocals are suitable under those category as mentioned.

If any of you are looking for a vocalist, do let me know. Thanks.

Best Regards,