I'm giving away a Yamaha QX3. This is a vintage MIDI sequencer from 1987. It has a unique job-based workflow, which might be either completely incomprehensible or lead to interesting musical results, who knows.
The operating system and floppy disk drive seems to work fine.

Some of the keys seem like they will need to be replaced though, as they either dont register a press or register too many presses (they seem to use an older generation of Cherry MX keyswitches, modern Cherry MX keyswitches would probably work as replacements).

The Enter keycap has been lost, I've replaced it with a spare keycap I had lying around.

I am giving this away for free. Rather than sending this to be recycled, I'd rather this end up in the hands of a collector of vintage gear or someone who might actually use it.
SMS 9-230-1007 if interested.

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