WTS 1987 Strat Plus USA in excellent condition.

Manufactured in California 1987. This was the first year of production for this model.

- Rosewood Fretboard
- Wilkinson roller nut
- Excellent 2 point high mass bridge (still standard for today's Strats)
- Sperzel height compensated locking tuners
- TBX tone boost
- Medium C neck profile (not a thick guitar neck)
- Beautiful surf green colour (US Strats are usually ordinary sunburst)
- Set up at TY (Elixir 9s)
- Tremelo arm included

Overall great condition. As you would expect, some faint scratches (only seen up close), but no dings, rust or cracks. One tuner screw missing (no effect on stringing or tuning, and replacements available at Excelsior).

This is Scott Grove's favourite USA Strat. Links:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmO3nMppDs4 [35:00]

Price: 1500 (incl OHC)

NOT looking for trades except maybe:
- PRS Custom 22, 24, or 513
- Suhr Modern
- Taylor 4/514CEName:  20170319_180747.jpg
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