Selling a Loopholic 5 pedal looper. It has 10 loops, plus a volume loop and tap tempo input, besides stereo outputs. Loops 9 and 10 can be configured to change channels on an amp. If you insert the volume loop in the FX Send/Return of your amp, you get 5 pedals before the amp and 5 loops after the preamp.

It also has midi in and out, which allows you to control up to 5 pedals like the Strymon Timeline or Eventide H9 and change presets on them.

Any combination of loops can be triggered simultaneously with up to 5 PC or CC messages for your midi pedals.

It has stereo outputs, one of which can be configured to send a signal to an always on tuner, so that you don't have to use up a loop for that.

The looper has five footswitches for patch selection and up/down switches to change banks. You can create up to 32x5 patches.

CC and PC messages can be set globally whenever you hit a button across banks, or per preset.

The unit measures approximately 15 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches. Adaptor included.

$400. Contact on 8 one 3 two 3 6 six 9 to test/view.