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    Whitecompazz Productions 008

    hi folks,

    it has been some weeks since Whitecompazz last live-jammed...

    tonight (April 20th, 2017) had been great and we managed to improve our miking with a new mic =)

    humbly presenting to you our 8th production titiled 珊瑚海 (Coral Sea). It is a very popular duet song sung by Jay Chou & Lara. The song is about a seagull and a fish falling in love accidentally. It happens in real life sometimes... perhaps between a cat and a

    Now Alexa & Sky attempts a live version here...

    hope you enjoy the candid live performance (plus SkyStudios touch-up) of
    ~WHITECOMPAZZ~ the wedding band

    we hope to do better each time we meet...

    maybe we will be featured in the wedding of one of SOFT viewers oneday...


    p/s: do email us if you would like to engage our services in your wedding, events or establishment...we also cover English popular songs. See ya!
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