Slightly relic
W/ gig bag and Tremolo bar
All original parts.
Recently Set up elixirs 0.10s @ Beez

Really fat and creamy clean tones to springy twangs.
(selling to fund my uni fees and bass career, plz dont low-ball )

Contact at: 982(nine) 763(seven)

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Trade with MIJ or Fender Basses

Tomson By Teisco Competition Mustang 1970 Red:

Up for sale, a 1970s Tomson Splendor Series Competition Mustang in excellent condition and in good working order. This rare Japanese guitar comes from the famed "lawsuit" era where many guitars being imported to the USA were heavily inspired by their Fender and Gibson counterparts. While the Tomson clearly borrows its cosmetics and pickup layout from a Fender Competition Mustang, it definitely has the marks of 1970s Japanese manufacturing, with hardware and other design elements that place this guitar as coming from the Teisco factory. This instrument plays extremely well, with comfortable action and the twang and sparkle that you expect from a good single coil pickup. The pickups are wired in series, and while they aren't hum cancelling when both are on, they do have a surprising amount of punch and midrange content!

The neck has a medium C profile that borders on the chunky side and original frets that have slightly more width and height than most frets of the era. The frets are in incredible shape, showing almost no wear and ideal for bending and lead playing up the neck without any excessive buzzing or fretting out. The original strip tuners on the headstock still turn smoothly and work well and the Tomson logo is clean and very reminiscent of its Fender competition.

The body features a Dakota Red finish with painted on "competition stripe" and chrome hardware that is very clean. The "Space Control" style Teisco bridge allows you to easily adjust your string spacing, and the vibrato works quite well with its original screw in vibrato arm. Cosmetically, the guitar has a few tiny expected nicks on the body contours and back, but this is easily one of the cleanest vintage Japanese guitars we've seen in a good while!

Product Specs

Make:Tomson by Teisco
Model:Competition Mustang
Categories:Solid Body
Made In:Japan